Pinellas Park Auditorium Wurlitzer
7690 59th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

CFTOS installed and presented monthly concerts on a 3-manual 15-rank Wurlitzer pipe organ in Pinellas Park Auditorium. We had nearly completed a full rebuild of the instrument when the City decided that they had another use for the building. We were forced to remove a playing instrument and place it in storage.

The instrument included the following Wurlitzer ranks: Concert Flute, Horn Diapason, Viole D’Orchestra, Viole Celeste, Clarinet, Tibia, Vox Humana, English Horn, Brass Trumpet (Trivo reproduction), Brass Sax (Trivo reproduction), Tuba Horn, Orchestral Oboe, Salicional, Salicional Celeste, and Oboe Horn. In addition, the instrument includes a set of Cathedral Chimes, a toy counter and various tuned percussions.

We regret that this instrument is no longer available to the public. Please contact the mayor and council of Pinellas Park to register your disappointment in their actions.